Chiedza Jane Ikpeh

Chiedza Jane Ikpeh is a Zimbabwean-born, and British-raised woman with a heart and passion to shine the light of Christ in all her works. Chiedza is working hard to serve and empower her community through her occupation as an educator, a mentor and founder of the RARA Education Project. Chiedza is involved in several initiatives and organisations, working to promote positive social attitudes towards black identity, black history and black education. Beyond her occupation, Chiedza has a deep desire to use her gifts to share the gospel of Christ through song writing, blog writing and the ministry of worship.

Praying for Peace: A Christian Call to Intercede for Conflicts Worldwide

A militant group based in occupied Gaza launched aerial attacks and broke through the heavily secured fence into the State of Israel. Hundreds of Israelis have been killed, a historic scale of violence for the country. The Israeli counterattack will inevitably lead to more death and destruction for Palestinians and a tightened occupation. In a world marred by strife and division, Christians are called to...

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