Joe Reeser

Joe Reeser has dedicates his life to leading and empowering people to orient their lives around God's purpose and presence. He is the director at Ramp UK and lead pastor at Ramp Church Manchester. His ministry emphasizes healthy biblical thinking, personal growth, relational wholeness, and intentional leadership. Joe lives in Manchester with his wife Stacie, and their three wonderful daughters, Claire, Olivia and Chloe.

Praying for Peace: A Christian Call to Intercede for Conflicts Worldwide

A militant group based in occupied Gaza launched aerial attacks and broke through the heavily secured fence into the State of Israel. Hundreds of Israelis have been killed, a historic scale of violence for the country. The Israeli counterattack will inevitably lead to more death and destruction for Palestinians and a tightened occupation. In a world marred by strife and division, Christians are called to...

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