Christians in Sport event

On Thursday the 18th, live on our instagram page we held an interactive interview series which special guests disucssing all things faith, football and the Gospel. Our special guests took some questions, shared some helpful advice and also gave insights into their personal journey in the world of sport. ⠀⠀

Our guests included the likes of:

Jason Mcarthy from Wycombe Wonderers

Ira Jackson Jr from Grimbsy Town

Brendan Kieran Harrogate Town

Johnny Wilson from PNSI FC

During the event, on a question about faith and football, Johnny Wilson remarkably said:

In the world of football, you are all loved if you are relevant. You are only loved if you are performing well and are fit and contributing to the team. Mangers will love you, the players love you and the fans love you. But suddenly as soon as you are injured or have a bad game, you become yesterday’s news and everyone has forgotten about you. Things are always changing which takes a toll on you mentally and emotionally. And in these moments I have to remind myself to take a step out of that environment and remember that Jesus loves me no matter what. He is the only constant in my life, never changes, he is always the same. He loves me with a love that can never fail and that is the thing that gets me through the ups and downs of football. My faith and hope in Christ and Christ alone.

It was greatly encouraging to see people from such high positions and large spheres of influence demonstrate a strong willingness to share the gospel within the world of sport.

Watch the full event here

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