Dealing with Loss

Day three of this 5-day event was centered around the topic of dealing with loss. Dealing with loss has become a frequent reality in thousands of households during this period where more than 40,000 people in the UK, both Christians and Non-Christians, both rich and poor, both young and old, have died of COVID-19-related deaths. This epidemic has left people broken, fearful, and unsure of how to handle the loss of their relatives or how to talk to someone who is dealing with loss. No matter who you are, understanding how to deal with loss has become paramount.

Femi Kalejaiye was part of the pastoral team at Rediscover Church Exeter, and served as an operational pastor whilst leading the youth ministry and on this day delivered a powerful sermon, giving us advice on how to cope with loss through a Gospel lens with the using the example of Thessalonians, a church with frequently dealt with loss and suffering. Here he responds to many of our poignant, important questions. If you are dealing with any type of loss, this sermon will truly bless you.


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