Discussing the Role of Faith in Black Culture with Barclays

As part of Barclays’ celebration of Black history month, Our God Given Mission was privileged enough to partner with The Barclays Black Professionals Forum and The Barclays Christian Forum to host a panel discussion event “Is faith still an important part of Black culture today?” This will be the first event of its kind for Barclays and will serve as a poignant moment in an unprecedented year, to reflect on the power of the Gospel message in the Black community throughout history to now.

Our Director, Mike Omoniyi was one of two people invited to speak on the panel regarding issues such as the relationship between race and faith, racism and the Church, justice and much more!

During the event, on a question about justice, Mike remarkably said:

“A question we must ask is: Does God care about justice?… Well, the Bible shows us that not only does He care about it, it is His nature. The question we must ask ourselves is what kinds of justice does He care about? Is it justice as we see it (on a human level)? Or does it have a more heavenly, ethereal quality that we have to work hard to understand? It is tempting to assume our natural proclivities on justice are right, but instead, we must take care to pause and ask for God’s perspective on what justice really is. After all, the Christian’s understanding of justice should be shaped and defined by God. As we do this, we may find ourselves seeing the world a lot differently…the more I press into God, the more I begin to see that these issues are not as black and white as many commentators would like to have us think.”

It was greatly encouraging to see people from such high positions and large spheres of influence demonstrate a strong willingness to grapple with these complex issues.

After the event, we received a flood of questions which we will be committing to answering through our articles, podcasts, videos and events.

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