Don’t Waste Your Life?

This was recorded at our #FOCUS2017 retreat.

SPEAKER: Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics. He is currently working on a Masters Degree in Political Science (Politics and Philosophy) – Democracy and Elections at the University of Manchester.

Mike Omoniyi is an activist, campaigner and Youth Voice advocate. He has held numerous positions including but not limited to, sitting on the National Working group and with the Cabinet office and national agencies as one of the 5 Young UK Ambassadors to the European Union. In this role, he represented 7.4 million young people in the UK in the Structured Dialogue Process where he advocated on the UK’s behalf with other EU Member states.

** In August 2015, after a missionary trip oversees Mike founded the charity ‘Our God Given Mission’ totally dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that will listen. He now serves as the director.

** He is also a leader at Kingdom Culture in Manchester, A vibrant young adult church at the heart of Manchester part of Jubilee Church Manchester.

**In 2017 he undertook a new project, founding the Common Sense Network, the first ever 100% public funded online news network for millennials in the UK.

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