Focus 2017

#FOCUS2017 was a retreat hosted by OGGM where the is helping young adults find their purpose and deal with transitional stages of life, (leaving university, finding a job, early stages of professional life)
The retreat will hosted around 100 people who all had an opportunity to network, leave thier stresses and burdens, and pressures of everyday life and in turn get some down time and soak up God’s word.
Ultimately the goal of the retreat was that the delegates would leave with a clearer sense of focus and purpose during the transitional stages of life.

This retreat was for anyone at university, finding work, in the early stages of professional life, or simply just working and thinking about how to get priorities in order. During the retreat, delegates were given the oppourtinty to hear from high profile speakers such as Pastor Agu Irukwu, Pastor Baj Akisanya, Jessie Willis and many more speakers. They were also taught by over 15 leading thinkers and spiritual leaders over a range of topics, including but not limited to,

– Honouring God at work
– Figuring out how to establish a life purpose
– Living with purpose and making the most of your gifts
– Confirming whether you are in the right career
– Pursuing creative/entrepreneurial interests alongside full time work commitments
– Managing your finances
– Managing Purposeful Relationships

#FOCUS17 was an action pack week which saw souls saved and lives changed, to find out about our upcoming retreat, make sure the follow all our social media links.


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