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I remember, years ago, I visited one of my younger brothers who is a musician. He was headlining a show and after I made my way through security, I found my seats and prepared for the show to begin. When it all started, he was electric; thousands of people seemed to be enjoying themselves and he was having the time of his life. Before his last song, he was thanking some people who had made the night possible. Everyone nodded politely as we went through names and told us stories.

He then called out my name, I was sure this was a mistake so I looked around for another Micheal. Soon he was pointing and I an introvert, crippled by the spotlight stood up and waved. I sat down quickly however the memory lingered. He singled me out in a large crowd and he saw me.

It’s a small example to show us how God sees in what may seem like a crowd of many people. What’s even more impressive is that God, amongst billions of his creation sees us and calls us by name. He knows us, notices us and no matter how insignificant we think we are, God calls us out in the middle of a crowd.

Hagar’s Revelation: Understanding How God Sees and Knows Us

In Genesis 16:13, we find a profound moment in the life of Hagar, the Egyptian maidservant of Sarai. Hagar, pregnant with Abram’s child and mistreated by Sarai, found herself in the wilderness, contemplating her uncertain future. In the midst of her despair, Hagar encountered the divine revelation that speaks volumes about how God sees and understands each one of us.

The verse states, “She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.'” These words echo the comforting truth that God is not a distant, indifferent deity; rather, He is intimately involved in our lives, fully aware of our struggles, joys, and everything in between.

Firstly, the acknowledgement that “You are the God who sees me” is a powerful affirmation of God’s omniscience. Unlike human relationships that may falter due to misunderstandings or lack of communication, God perceives every facet of our being. He sees not only our outward actions but also the depths of our hearts. In times of loneliness or despair, we can find solace in the fact that God’s gaze is unwavering, His understanding limitless.

Hagar’s declaration reveals a divine comprehension that goes beyond mere observation. God doesn’t just see us; He understands us. He comprehends the complexities of our emotions, the intricacies of our thoughts, and the depths of our struggles. When life seems overwhelming, and we feel misunderstood by the world, we can take refuge in the understanding gaze of our Creator.

In our human experiences, there are moments when we feel invisible, as if no one truly understands the challenges we face. Yet, Hagar’s encounter with God serves as a reminder that we are never alone in our journey. God not only sees us in our moments of joy but also in our moments of pain and desperation. He comprehends the depths of our suffering and extends His compassionate understanding.

The verse concludes with Hagar saying, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” This reciprocal relationship is a beautiful depiction of the intimacy God desires with each of His children. Just as God sees and understands us, we are invited to see Him – to recognize His presence in our lives. This mutual acknowledgement fosters a deep, personal connection that transcends the superficiality of mere observation.

As Christians, we can draw strength and encouragement from Hagar’s revelation. In the highs and lows of life, God sees us, and His understanding surpasses our human comprehension. Let us embrace the assurance that we serve a God who is not distant or indifferent but intimately involved in our lives. May we, like Hagar, declare with gratitude, “You are the God who sees me.”


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