How Do We Enjoy Summer After Lockdown?

Summer 2021 is highly anticipated; COVID-19 put a stop to plans last year and everyone is itching to get back to a way of normality. Where people have been ‘locked down’ and unable to socialise or go out, there is a massive hype for what this year may bring. This may present challenging scenarios when it comes to living in a way which is pleasing to God and keeping our witness as a priority. The question remains; how do we enjoy ourselves this summer?

Can we still enjoy summer this year?

As Christians, our mission is to spread the gospel and tell people the good news! Matthew 28:19 reminds us that sharing the good news of the gospel isn’t simply a suggestion. It’s a command that Jesus set out for us. This therefore should be at the forefront of all we do, every day and every season of the year in every opportunity presented to us. Each day brings different challenges; temptations will never be too far away. This life is a battle and we may want to have a carefree summer in this world, thinking it will ease our mind from these worries. And while it might – we can’t afford to be off-guard as temptations can lead us astray and ruin our witness with unbelievers. Our primary aim is making Christ known and we can’t exchange that for few brief moments of summer’s pleasure.

‘Hot girl summer’ is a phrase which is currently being spun nonstop on social media, and it has many connotations attached. The expression is connected with an explicit song, and promotes going out, being our authentic selves without judgement.  This comes with things of the world attached and arguably things we shouldn’t involve ourselves in as Christians. The phrase sits beside ‘living your best life’ – but there is no better life than walking with Jesus. It is not about ‘rules or regulations’ but the renewing of our minds. When we apply our hearts to understanding and hearing the voice of God (Proverbs 2:2) our natural functions change – just as the heart works to filter out waste products from our blood, God will reshape our lives. It is like seeing through new eyes, those things that others deem as fun or we potentially used to enjoy ourselves will no longer be appealing. The world is truly full of empty happiness and promises; there is a ‘God-shaped’ hole in our hearts which simply cannot be filled with anything else.

Living for the audience of one

God calls us to be set apart, for we are not seeking approval of this world.

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is good, pleasing, and the perfect will of God.

Romans 12:2

This bible verse, along with many others reminds us to look to God rather than looking at the world. As we go through our journey with Christ, the decisions we make are formed with a greater understanding of what is right and wrong.

We can still enjoy ourselves

So, ultimately should we involve ourselves in the trends of the summer? It does not say in the Word that we can’t have fun. God wants us to be joyful and be a witness to those around us. We cannot hide away from the world; we need to be among people so we have the opportunity to tell them about Jesus. We must be bold as we live out our faith, showing unbelievers that we are the salt and light of this world all while we enjoy our summer.

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