My wins are not my identity

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In our winning-obsessed culture, it’s easy to make your successes part of your identity. We must resist this temptation because our identity is in Christ.

When participating in a competition the desire to win is natural. The joy in success is incomparable and the feeling produced is such that one would want it replicated. But what happens when the desire to win becomes the end goal for the Christian? What happens when winning is no longer just an outcome but becomes the Christian’s identity?

What are you like when you win?

Whether it’s a games night, a sporting event or a project at work – we all want success. In a competitive environment, your opponents become your de-facto enemies and even when facing friends; they have to be defeated. There is no situation in which losing is acceptable and playing games for fun is unfathomable. Consequently, rivalry and division are inevitable (Galatians 5:20 and Philippians 2:3).

The attitude displayed towards friends at a game’s night may grant you the win but may cause you to lose the relationships you hold dear. For those of us who are competitive, do we consider how we come across to those we deem opponents? Have the invitations to the game nights that you were regularly invited to decreased over the years?

Do your teammates still enjoy playing with you at the local 5-aside football? Does your producer enjoy recording music with you still? Has the desire to win overshadowed the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit? (Galatians 5:22-23). When winning becomes our identity, people become obstacles to our ultimate goal.

Your faith in Christ is your ultimate identity

Winning and confidence go hand in hand. As the wins increase so too does the confidence that your level of performance can be replicated and maintained. However, what may have begun as confidence can transition into arrogance? Where winning was once something you did, it has now become who you are. Desiring to be successful in your chosen field is an admirable thing to desire.

The issue arises when the root of your joy is found in your achievements and not in Christ. If you are in Christ, you have a new identity (2 Corinthians 5:17). Your life is no longer defined by your sin, mistakes or successes but by Christ (Galatians 2:20). Therefore, your wins don’t define you; neither do your losses diminish you. Your security is no longer found in what you have achieved but in the One who holds your life in His hands and will never let you go (John 10:29).

This world is passing away and your successes will pass away with it. Don’t destroy the relationships you treasure so profoundly for a win that you will likely neglect as you chase the next target. Instead, as you pursue success, remind yourself that irrespective of whether you win; your identity in Christ is one you will never lose.


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