My Celebration Of Gosepl (MCOG) is a night of live music, poetry, spoken word, dance and so much more. it is an event which was created as a means to celebrate all things gospel.We host a relaxed night of live music in a basement club as a fundraiser to support the work of spreading the gospel to all nations. We invite guest artists from across the country, to help us with the amazing night that focuses on the Celebration of Gospel Music! MCOG is a night that explores the diverse talents and unparalleled creativity of Gospel artists! You get a chance to hear Gospel music from award winning artists with debut songs and covers of gospel greats! MCOG is an event had is roots in Manchester but earlier this year took place in East London due to a high demand for MCOG to move down south.



  • Toye Akinoso

    Toye Akinoso is the Editorial Lead at Our God Given Misson. He is a recent graduate of The University of Manchester who is passionate about sharing the truth of the Gospel and supporting Chelsea Football Club.

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