Praying Through The Darkness

Day four of this 5-day event was centered on Praying through the darkness. Praying through dark times is hard. What do I pray? Will I be heard? Why is this happening? These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another. In spite of this, if there is one thing that is needed during this time, it is prayer. “Prayer is doubts destroyer, ruin’s remedy, the antidote to all anxieties”, this quote from Spurgeon emphasizes the need of prayer, especially in these dark times. So what role does prayer play in our lives? How important is it to us? Is it our first or last resort? Are your circumstances pushing you towards or away from prayer?

Stacie Reeser is the lead pastor and Co-director of the Ramp Church Manchester and on this day delivered a sermon giving us greater insight on how to pray through the darkness. In this sermon, Stacie also responds to many of our poignant, important questions about prayer. If you’re struggling to pray during difficult times, struggling to see where God is in your situation, you’ll love this sermon!


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