Purpose: Step In the Right Direction

In modern times, due to the proliferation of information, we can often become absorbed into our own worlds’: our houses, our families and our circle of friends.

Snapchat, Facebook and the giants of Google and Samsung have made it easy for advertisement agencies to bombard us and, in doing so, add to the list of things vying for our attention.



If we are not careful, we “go with the flow” and after the fact realise that we are adrift.

But we need not go there or make there a permanent home; if we take the way of transformation we will learn to know what God’s will is for our lives.

Although many things call after us; we can consciously choose who we answer to.

In James 1:8 the Bible says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”.


When we follow the right way,  we develop into more stable and proactive leaders; more equipped to help our houses, families and friends.

There are new frontiers to be reached; space programs like N.A.S.A know that the adventure is in looking at the heavens and using that knowledge to improve our world. How much more should we as Christians, who have access to the Kingdom of Heaven, be then transformed to help our fellowman?

So as Jesus calls you from your boat (from the familiar) to the unknown of the purpose-driven life, with God’s Word as your lamp – showing you where you stand – and the light of His Word guiding you to what is yet to come, draw near to God.

Approach the Purpose-Giver and behold as He draws near to you.Stepping .jpg

(James 4:8) (Romans 12:2) (Matthew 14:22-33)



Dear Father God,

Thank you for giving me another day, for that I am truly grateful.

Help me not to be distracted by the temporary and fickle things of this world, but to keep my mind focused on You.

Lord, make me bold enough to step out of my comfort zone and walk firmly in the purpose which You have for my life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,





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