Living Hope

Day two of this 5-day event was focused on living hope. Look at the current state of this world. It is no secret that hope is one of the hardest things to find. Instead, it is significantly easier to perceive chaos, tragedy, and darkness. True hope is finding light in the midst of all of it. Those who choose hope over pessimism, belief over disbelief, optimism over cynicism, are the people who will find this light and be this light as they will cause change. Learning to stay hopeful irrespective of our circumstances remains one of the most important lessons of this life.

Lord Hastings, Chancellor of Regent’s University and Independent Peer at the House of Lords, spoke to us on Living Hope. Here he tells us encouraging, heart-wrenching stories, and gives us spiritual and pragmatic advice on how to remain hopeful, even in dark circumstances. If you’re looking for hope in these uncertain times, you’ll love this sermon!

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