You have probably heard bout it!! Or maybe not. Anyway, here’s the headline

WE RAN  15 miles and NO ONE DIED!

Let me tell you (in a few sentences), how 30 young people came together, with little to no help, and raised £1700 for homeless charities accross the United Kingdom!


God gave me a vision a couple of months back, of young believers running. I couldnt make out their faces, but they were running and as they were running, other people were joining in. The pack continued to steadily grow until, like raven baxter finishing her vision,  I came back into reality and realised that I was still In a Philsosphy lecture lol (Graduated now hehe).

Anyways, with little idea about what to do with this vision, I got home and began praying about it. After my prayers, GOD, as he does, let me know that I would be doing something very uncomfortable and outside my comfort zone to bless, grow and  bring glory to his name! After what seems like a lifetime now of ‘God adventures’, of course i said yes, open to what God was going to do.

If you know me well, you will know that my next step was obviously whatsapp ! I told all my friends! As you can expect, I recieved lots of responses like  ‘amen’ ‘go for it’ someone even said ,’Jesus will run with you’ #Banter,. The problem here was that, people were supporting the cause with their mouth, but not a lot of people were  actually set on joining in. I was worried, read Galatians 3:6-9 then, was no longer worried! My peace was well founded, because weeks after, God had worked everything out!


Fast foward a few weeks


  1. We had decided it would be 15 miles and had several routes planned
  2. We had already Raised #1500 pounds
  3. We had 42 people in our group chat all commited to making the run happen
  4. We even had a training plan for all dedicated runners


Guys, if you are reading this, know ONE thing!


I cannot stress how hard it was! Everyone felt it. There were injuries, some got lost, God even chucked in rain for extra measure! But despite the diffuclty, people pressed on and surpised themselves! I was so proud of people, I could have burst!

God took over and with a little bit of trust, he showed us how he could use an unassuming group on young people, who had never ran before, to complete what still is, an amazing testimony! He took all the glory!

Since doing this run, one thing is even clearer than before

It is OUR GOD GIVEN MISSION to go out into the world and to share the good news to all men! The way we do this can be so varied, but it is crucial we observe this commandment!

Here’s a little snapshop into what happened !




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