What Is The True Gospel

We are excited to announce a new series we are starting here at OGGM. This series is called #ThePulse. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about faith. Our team will receive your question, filter it through the Gospel and produce answers and advice that may help you.

We maintain that the greatest answer to any problem in the world is answered by and through the Gospel.

Send your questions in: contact@OurGodGivenMission.com

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Our God Given Mission (OGGM) is a registered charity in England and Wales.The charity is built on the biblical instruction of going out into all the world and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that will listen.

Gospel simply means [ GOOD NEWS ]. The good news of Jesus’ coming to the earth to rekindle our relationship with GOD! The gospel is the greatest news anyone will ever hear, so at OGGM we are dedicated to spreading this news! We are also dedicated to mobilising others to do the same


We cannot carry out the mission without you! We are called OUR God given Mission because the mission is too great for us to do alone! Keep up to date with articles, videos, podcasts and other online content that is sure to keep you on your toes.

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