The Gospel: A Response to a Broken World

To finish off our 5-day event we focused on The Gospel: A Response to a Broken World. During this season, whether we consider the Black Lives Matter movement or the COVID-19 epidemic, we all have questions, and ‘difficult’ questions at that. What does God want us to do? How should we respond to social injustice? Why is God allowing suffering? How do I change the world? All these ‘difficult’ questions have a very ‘simple’ answer. The Gospel. The good news. The promise of the coming of the kingdom of God. The world is in desperate need of it. Now more than ever.

Mike is the Founder and Director of Our God Given Mission (OGGM), a Christian charity of 20 trustees built on sharing, demonstrating, and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. OGGM through articles, videos, and events shares the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mike is also the founder and CEO of  The Common Sense Network the first 100% independently funded news new network for millennials in the UK.

Here, Mike gives an empowering sermon on how to respond to the broken state of our world and how we, no matter how insignificant we may feel, can change the world. He then answers important questions that have been on the minds of millions. If you wish to change the world, or if you’re looking to truly understand the Gospel, you’ll love this sermon!


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